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Hawkley Cottage, Highclere Street
RG20 9QB

07816 968536

Yoga, Nutrition & Meditation.

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Wellness Coaching

Takes a 360 degree approach to your wellbeing by looking at diet, sleep, movement and emotional health. 

Balancing work, life and family is becoming more difficult in the fast paced environments we find ourselves in.  I believe that enhancing our health and happiness needs a gentle approach. There is a wave of 'diets' that tempt you into dropping entire food groups, radical juice cleanses and new exercise programmes that push the body to it's limits.  This approach may see some instant results but often proves impossible to keep up. Wellness coaching helps you to set sensible and realistic goals, allowing you to find inner balance and maximise your physical and emotional wellbeing.

In your session we will discuss your physical goals, pre-existing conditions, your relationship with food, general lifestyle and emotional wellbeing, all of which are inextricably linked. From here we can transform goals to action and facilitate a change in behaviour which will be achievable and enjoyable!  We often know the answer but choose to ignore it so I hope that in our sessions together you will begin to listen to your inner voice and be guided by it to find balance. What we are putting into our bodies and the relationship we have with food plays a huge role in our overall wellbeing.  I am currently studying Applied Nutrition with renown nutritionist and chef Dale Pinnock, which enables me to offer not only best advice but also put together meal plans for you and your family.

Initial consultations are 1.5 hours, follow ups and menu planning sessions are 1 hour. Consultations are held in my office in Highclere or home visits can also be arranged and in many cases are very useful as they enable some kitchen cupboard weeding! Please email your preference and availability: