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Yoga, Nutrition & Meditation.

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Welcome to Amber's wellbeing blog. Unearthing new health and beauty finds, discussing yoga and mindfulness, great healthy recipes and much more!

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Spring Workshop Recipes

Amber Macintosh

Thank you for spending a lovely sunny morning on the yoga mats with me. As promised the recipes of our breakfast bowl, smoothie and snack are detailed below:


Cardamom overnight oats with mango & praline pistachios

It's lovely to enjoy a warming bowl of porridge on a cold day but we don't always have the time or maybe we want to take breakfast with us to work? by making overnight oats you can have something ready in the fridge for up to three days to which you can add an array of fruit, nut butters and seeds. 

For this version crush cardamom seeds to a fine dust in a pestle and mortar. Add to oats and chia seeds with a little vanilla powder and pour over your choice of milk. Keep stirring and adding milk until the seeds have expanded. I have used coconut drink from M&S because it has a mild coconut taste which marries with the tropical taste of mango. If you are using berries almond milk goes well and with apple compote hazelnut milk. Mango is finely chopped with the juice and zest of a lime. Once ready to assemble together just layer up in a glass and top with pistachios and linseeds that have been heated in a pan with coconut or brown sugar. I also use the flat plate on the nutri bullet to break them down to a nut crumb, this combo of nuts and seeds adds both natural fats and fibre to your breakfast.


Berry & Blood Orange Smoothie

So simple and such a crowd pleaser with even the smallest members of the family. Pop 1/4 bag of frozen berries in the nutri bullet cup or food processor, add the juice of 1 blood orange (as they are in season) and a mug of milk, I like brown rice milk with this. Blend to your desired consistency, for little kids you could make it really thick and add a drop of honey as a great refined sugar free pudding!

Little Sweat Snack

Many of you mentioned you have a little craving for something sweet so try taking pecans and fennel seeds, warming in a fry pan with honey and leave to cool. These will keep in an airtight container for a few days. You could also try cashews in the same way with curry powder and honey.

Enjoy! x


Healthy cooking for kids

Amber Macintosh

Many of you have asked about how to cook and eat with kids whilst keeping it healthy, calm and enjoyable! It is possible, but if bad habits have crept in it may not be easy, so let's look at some ways to encourage kids and support your diet decisions. We hope you enjoy these suggestions and some pictures of our favourite family dishes.

* Show pleasure in your cooking, however simple, and get the kids to help in the food prep and table setting. This gives kids ownership of the meal ahead. Make something similar for everyone and sit down together to eat.

* If little ones decide they are not going to like it before even trying their food keep your language positive, encouraging them to try everything, then move the subject on! 

* Gently remind those that haven't eaten properly that they will next time, focus on the items on the plate that you have enjoyed and that siblings have liked.

* Use language carefully 'it's a shame you didn't like it, never mind' or 'oh I'm surprised you didn't like it, we thought it was delicious'. Saying sorry makes it sound like your fault they didn't like the food, subconsciously telling them that you are wrong and that they could be right by not eating!

* Take kids out to eat when you can and do try exciting foods from around the world - even at home. Creating palette is essential, many of our anti-inflammatory foods come from spices and herbs.

* Don't chastise, scold or force those that are not eating, your negative attention is still attention!! and takes away from those that are eating nicely. One picky eater can inspire another, don't let this happen.

* Don't allow treats before lunch or before tea if these meals were not eaten. They really do not need to stuff their faces in the car between school pick up and tea. Why didn't they eat lunch for the teachers? - because they know your car is stuffed with sweet treats once the bell goes! if they really are very hungry get tea served up earlier and ask for their help to do this. 

* Don't rely on tried and trusted recipes, be brave, kids love adventure - have it in the kitchen even if you are not necessarily an experimental eater yourself.

* Make sure the kids all help you with tidying away the plates and pots. I really am shocked how few families put this into practice. Eating well is a collaborative effort - the food didn't magic itself there and the food fairies didn't magic it all away! Maybe a sibling can help a toddler to eat up.

Finally, but very importantly, I want to introduce you to the experts that can help you make eating with your family happy and healthy!

Nature Doc - Lucinda Miller is a naturapath and passionate about children's heath. A truly inspiring woman, Lucinda is a leading expert in the nutritional support of children with autism, dyslexia and behavioural problems, with clinics in London and Hampshire. 

Cooking them healthy is a wonderful online guide to family health run by Georgie Soskin and Jo Saunders, a chef and nutritional therapist. Fantastic recipes for your family.

10 Minute Suppers for Children is a great new book by Mum of four Poppy Fraser. Pop it on your Christmas list!