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Hawkley Cottage, Highclere Street
RG20 9QB

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Yoga, Nutrition & Meditation.

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Welcome to Amber's wellbeing blog. Unearthing new health and beauty finds, discussing yoga and mindfulness, great healthy recipes and much more!

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My Inspiration

Amber Macintosh

Is you.  Every one of you that brings your courage, determination and campassion to the mat inspires me! When life gets difficult making time for yourself can be hard. The assumption of many going to relaxing treatments or private yoga sessions is that they are indulging themselves in 'me time'.  Often it is just that, a chance to step out of routine, with it's everyday stresses, and pause, refreshed when they return.  For others it may be a very different story, a private one.  Loss, pain, grief, anxiety and even despair are brought to the yoga mat and the treatment table. There will be not be a quick fix but there is the same moment, a pause, time to breathe space into life's impossible situations. For these people their moment gives just enough determination to keep up the fight, the courage to continue and the compassion to carry another.  You are truely inspirational! x