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Welcome to Amber's wellbeing blog. Unearthing new health and beauty finds, discussing yoga and mindfulness, great healthy recipes and much more!

Fat for Vibrant Health

Amber Macintosh

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We seem to have got into a twist over fats so I hope this short blog will outline some ways to introduce pure natural fats that are essential for your body and mind. Nuts, seeds, meat, fish, eggs, grass fed butter, olive oil and avocados - they all offer healthy fatty acids, which each cell in our body is surrounded by and needs constant support to maintain. The brain is a big fatty mass so without eating good fats we cannot nourish it, causing inflammation and degeneration - for the science and full debate I urge you to read Eat Fat Get Thin by Dr Mark Hyman.

Fatty acids are part of an important chain alongside amino acids, forming building blocks for tissues, organs, muscles, skin and hair. It is women that seem to be avoiding fats in a effort to count calories, yes, a Snickers bar and an avocado have the same calorie count but we all know how different they are when it comes to nutrient density! Almonds, eggs and avocados are products I look out for in my own diet every day, not eaten together, but a portion of one or other. The oil debate rages on but I stand firm on those I will use: coconut, extra virgin olive and walnut, with a little ghee (clarified butter) and here is the important bit; I use them sparingly! Mary Berry has the best tip for roasted vegetables; put them in a large freezer bag with just two teaspoons of oil and massage. We do not need to drizzle oil over our food or make protein snack balls with vast amounts of coconut oil! So, why avoid other vegetable oils and sunflower? These are often highly refined and have a high Omega 6 content which is proven to cause inflammation, for more about this read Dale Pinnocks, The Power of Three. Most of this excess Omega 6 comes from packaged and processed foods, but hey we know to avoid those, right?! We already have enough Omega 6 in a healthy diet but could all benefit from upping our Omega 3, particularly important for a healthy cardiovascular system and brain health. Vegans are often told off for loosing out on Omega 3 but oily fish get their high levels from eating algae so don't panic, you just have to look at the specialist companies that provide Omega 3 from algae, I love Rejuvenated. Whilst you can also get Omega 3 supplements from a nut and seeds source I can assure you these are far less potent. For those of us who do eat fish you will find the best quality Omega 3 supplement from Wild Nutrition here on my website

Like antioxidants the fatty acids we ingest get greedily used up by the body, leaving just a tiny amount to reach the skin. We therefore need to topically support skin, especially in dry or colder weather with organic oils which are easily absorbed and nourish all day. I am passionate about natural beauty and a new brand that ticks every box is Isla Apothecary - their Neroli Body Oil is a must have this Spring! I also love products by Bodhi & Birch, their Desert Rose Facial oil contains the potent oil of rose hip, super hydrating and great for ageing skin.

In short, don't count calories, count the nutrient dense foods you enjoy, packed with fatty acids and celebrate vibrant health that makes you shine on the inside and out.

As always I have written this in terms that I understand and therefore hope you do to, but please consult with a nutritionist for diet concerns and a GP for your health.