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Radiant skin from within


Welcome to Amber's wellbeing blog. Unearthing new health and beauty finds, discussing yoga and mindfulness, great healthy recipes and much more!

Radiant skin from within

Amber Macintosh

Skin, as I mentioned in my last post, is a part of the body that I have had troubles with most of my life. After being plagued by spots as a teenager I found a reprieve once on the contraceptive pill, glowed during two pregnancies and now in my 40's (urg!) veer from sensitive, dry and spotty! The big difference is my mindset. I choose not to take any medication and eat, drink and rest my way to healthy skin. It's not always perfect but I understand now why and like taking care of any organ, the skin being our largest, I put into my body the best nutrients I can to alleviate any discomfort. I hope that some of my tips here will also help you to bring out the best in your skin:

1/ Drink - water of course, and lots of it, but also nutrient dense vegetable juices. Juicing is NOT a fad, it has transformed my skin, general health, energy levels, digestive function - I know it has done the same for many of my clients. 

2/ Alcohol reeks havoc on the skin! it will get dry, sensitive, irritated (white wine particularly seems to have chemicals that disrupt the skin) even after a couple of glasses. It's boring I know not to enjoy the odd drink but do so in moderation and wash it down with water! The same goes for coffee, it does our skin no favours, sorry!

3/ Fats!! Eat fat....this subject will need to make up another blog, I am passionate about eating good fats. Fatty acids feed the skin, provide essential vitamins and minerals and lubricate the fibrous parts of our bodies like fascia tissue. Fat also supports collagen production and helps to plump the lipid barrier, if you don't like avocados, eggs, nuts or oily fish take an omega 3 supplement. I cannot tell you how many women on a drive to loose weight drop natural fats from their diet and loose vitality in their skin as a result!

4. Eat foods packed with antioxidants, especially red and purple fruit and vegetables to fight free radicals which attack our skin cells.

5. Dump sugar! Yup, yet another reason why sugar gets a bad rep is because it glycates the skin, causing premature ageing. Enough said there then.

6. Exercise and choose whatever form you love most, get the heart pumping and your circulation will flush your face, naturally shift toxins and help skin cells renew.

7. Sleep. Get enough and you will always be amazed what a good nights sleep looks like on your face. People will comment on how well you look. Take a magnesium supplement before bed to help aid a restful night.

I have not mentioned facials, sexy skincare products, derm treatments or makeup as a route to great skin, though I will in my next skin post. Radiant skin must first come from within, start with firm foundations and then you can look to enhance. If not you will be doing things back to front and find you are always on the hunt for yet another facialist or wonder cream better than the last!