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Hawkley Cottage, Highclere Street
RG20 9QB

07816 968536

A blog about Yoga and Wellbeing, with details of Yoga classes and workshops.

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Mindfulness is taught by Amber one to one or in small groups by appointment, 8 week courses also advised.

The art of meditation, often called mindfulness, helps us to improve mental clarity, promotes deep relaxation, encourages positive thoughts and greater compassion.

We all need a moment of stillness in the day, not to escape from everyday life, but to select some time when we can see our fears or concerns for what they are and not what our minds have dressed them up to be.

Regular mindful meditation has been found to be an effective treatment for stress, worry, anxiety, lack of focus, addiction and much more.  Maybe you just want to sleep better, smile more and love your relationships?

Amber has been a practising yoga student for 15 years and started teaching in 2012, specialising in Kundalini yoga and meditation. The profound effects of mindful meditation have inspired Amber and has become integral to the way in which her style of yoga is taught.

Meditation sessions are 45 minutes.

Meditation Classes
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